FNW festival program 2016

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freenetworld-poster-2016_00000This year is the 9th edition of our FreeNetWorld international short film festival We have got more films this year then any other years, over 3000 films have come to our mail from all over the world.

Since there are so many amazing creations we have decided that not only we will have our program from 15th to 17th of Decemeber but we will continue showing all of the films that have got accepted on our festival and that is around 500 films so far.

As we make the programs for the following months you will be able to check it out here on our website or our facebook page as well. So stay tuned!  Thank you all for your particiption and let us know about your new films! We love it all!

15. December 2016. Thursday 

  • Castle Hill (documentary)
    Will Moseley Chelsea Ballard USA
  • Off (fiction)
    Thomas Scohy
  • Motus (fiction)
    Luka Sajovic Slovenia
  • Zugzwang (experimental/music video)
    Perla Joe Maalouli Lebanon
  • A transgression of Time(experimental)
    Angus Carter USA
  • 0+ AB-
    Reza Hadiani Tehran Iran
  • Analogue (experimental)
    Ryan Rakes USA
  • Saturday (animation)
    Joanne Lin USA
  • Peace and Quiet in the Aquarium (documentary)
    Tayfun Belet, Turkey
  • Inversion
    Ario Saffarzadegan Iran
  • Red (animation)
    Ario Saffarzadegan Iran
  • Crack in the wall (documentary)
    Małgorzata Dobrowolska Poland
  • Once Upon a Time in Cuba (documentary)
    Paolo Benetazzo Italy
  • Eye for an Eye (fiction)
    Antoneta Kusijanovic Croatia, USA
  • Personal space (fiction)
    Andrew Hunt USA
  • After universe (experimental)
    Federico Foria Mita Sichetti Italy
  • Close Encounters (animation)
    Michelle Verhoeks Netherlands
  • A HUNGER ARTIST SOLO (experimental)
    Olga Tzimou Greece
  • My name is not (fiction)
    Prodromos Trochidis Greece

16. decembar 2016 Friday 

  • Light Sight (animation)
    Seyed M. Tabatabaei Iran
  • Full color (animation)
    Ario Saffarzadegan Iran
  • Memento mori (fiction)
    Mihajlo Vitezovic Serbia
  • Consume Pedagogic (animation)
    Tobias Rothacker Germany
  • Slow Dance with me (fiction)
    Stella Maris USA
  • Blue Peter (fiction)
    Jure Busic Slovenia
  • Montreal Cache (documentary)
  • Danceholl is us (documentary)
  • PLEASE LISTEN! (experimental)
    Natalia Alfutova Russia
  • Cut Communications (experimental)
    Nadia Zygouri Greece
  • Let them eat brains (animation)
    Adeena Grubb
  • Castillo y el Armado (animation)
    Pedro Harres Brazil
  • Cabanis Street (fiction)
    Dimitri Castiglioni France
  • Jacob (animation)
    Aviel Golan


17.12.2016. Saturday 

  • Cuerdas (animation)
    Pedro Solís García Spain
  • Fire (Animation)
    Ario Saffarzadegan
  • Fall of colors (experimental)
    Karis Deniz Kara Turkey
  • Les Funambules – Au Début (music video)
    Cédric LE MEN France
  • Come Alive (animation)
    Darcy Prendergast, Xin Li
  • passing the fog (documentary)
    Amirali Mirderikvand
  • Emmanuel (documentary)
    Mahmoud Essa
  • Livre (fiction)
    Pedro Nogueira Portugal
  • Venice (fiction)
    Venetia Taylor London, UK
  • Millelire (fiction)
    Vito Cea, Angelo Calculli Italy
  • Margie (fiction)
    Domenico Modafferi Italy
  • Enaria (documentary)
    Irene Candelori Davide Canali Italy
  • Lichtspiele (documentary)
    Adrián A. González Camargo
  • Dogs Dreamers (fiction)
    Albert Kazi Croatia
  • Mummy heist (fiction)
    Anna Gutto USA
  • Baby abd granny (animation)
    Zheng Kang USA

2 Responses

  1. Mohamad Shafiq


    I am Shafiq. Weeks ago, I got a notification on Film Freeway that my submission entitled Bittersweet has been accepted by FreeNetWorld International Short Film Festival.

    However I don’t see my short film on this 3 days program list.

    Is my short film get disqualified?

    Hope for a clarification. Thank you.

  2. Nadia Levontask

    Great festival, thank you for showing After Universe by An Electronic Hero. A little piece of art.

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