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Marko Backovic – Between the death and Java

Marti Mystery and Java visiting weird Serbian forest, searching for kidnaped girl Dijana.

2009: Space Iliad – Mladen Mutavdzic

The film is done through several interrelated sketches and it explores an everlasting topic of youth employment of the staff, namely the impossibility of a valid employment of the above mentioned. The main protagonist of the film is trying to find a balance between personal needs and what his immediate environment imposes, but of course, he fails. In the cruel modern society, nothing can be achieved fairly, so our hero becames desperate and an easy target for arrogant foreign traders and inquisitors. Satirical work, based on true events.

SIGISMUND – Radoje Jacevic

“Sigismund” is a short sci – fi film about crazy filmmaker who lives in 2507. He enjoys his life Makes visuals.. Sleeps.. Makes visuals.. Sleeps.. but a glitch in the system makes it all go away..This was an entry at the Göteborg International Film Festival Dragon Award New Talent.

The second man – Zeljko Jancic Zec

It is done. He escapes, running down the stairs – in his hands, his suitcases. It’s the right time to make it though. Imagining himself safe and safed. Everything goes according to plan. But suddenly he hears steps, steps as his own. Still far away, but coming closer and closer. Suddenly, a collision. Cases spinning through the space. Clothes – everywhere …..

Snapshot Aesthetics

A girl inspired by the book Terry’s World from Terry Richardson is looking for similar subjects. Subjects of photos are caught in a brief moment, and are snapshots. Two Critics provide information about artist who invented this type of photography.

Apetit – Irena Ristic

Morning. They are at home. Both of them. A rich and delicious breakfast is prepared. In the moment of serving, something will happen – piercing female screams from the neighbourhood. Then another one. And one more. But they will resist. Eating all before themselves

Radoje Dedic – Starice

An experienced actor talks about his family’s long tradition in cinema, which he continues to …

Nikola Stojanovic expression

In this short film Stojanovic is experimenting with three kinds of art. He combines drawing, painting and video.In this project he wants to present the birth and development of a work of art through the expression of the artist. Film carries a special message about how artist experience art and what art means for him.

AND Much more…

EXTRA: White woman – Milos Petrovic version – trash horor movie from Nish, Serbia.