Cinema Cafe – opening night

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This Monday, November  15th, audience had a chance to see some of the this year FreeNetWorld Festival winners that are part of Kimuak production, Spanish production that whole opening Cinema Cafe night was dedicated to. It was a wonderful experience to see so many people interested in short films at one place having a really good time!

  • And here’s the list of films screened:

    1.5 recuerdos 2. Ahate pasa 3. Amona putz 4. Dirty Martini 5. Él nunca lo haría 6. Los que lloran solos 7. Marisa 8. La presa

    For more information about films visit:

    We must thank Kimuak for great cooperation that would be continued in future.

    And we’re looking forward to meeting all of you next Monday!

    Thank you for watching!

    FNW team