FNW program – 1st day

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15. december 2016. cetvrtak

Castle Hill (documentary)
Will Moseley Chelsea Ballard USA

What impact does The Hope Outdoor Gallery have on the art community, local artists, tourists, and nearby businesses in Austin? We have to investigate.

Off (fiction)
Thomas Scohy

I am surprised, I am worried, I am obstinated, I am obsessed, I am defeated… I am… Off.

Motus (fiction)
Luka Sajovic Slovenia

In the middle of the night, a boy wandering around an old mediterranean town accidentally witness a miracle that will affect his life forever.

Zugzwang (experimental/music video)
Perla Joe Maalouli Beirut, Lebanon

A satirical journey that takes us through the mind cells of Maria Sikias, a Lebanese woman who’s going through a casting session with a German casting director. With each emotion requested, her subconscious is revealed, where her acting skills & imagination take over; haunted by her reality and by the system that we live in as human beings.

A transgression of Time(experimental)
Angus Carter USA

Micro film poem about the malaise of modern existence.

0+ AB-
reza hadiani Tehran Iran

circle of blood between little blue fish and huge red fish

Analogue (experimental)
Ryan Rakes USA

Analogue is a short film using metaphors to represent various struggles many people find themselves in when growing up regarding fitting in, superficial friends, drug and alcohol use and various other topics.

Saturday (animation)
Joanne Lin USA

This is an animation I made in memory of my grandpa, who passed away when I was 17. I stumbled upon the photos of that old family house one day, and realized that the house is no longer the same without him. As a result, I decided to pull this short clip of memory out of the land of nostalgia, of that warm, glowing, yet intimidating space, and make an animation out of it. In this way, I feel as if I could somehow externalize his quiet, yet fierce and vivid presence, and remember him forever.

Peace and Quiet in the Aquarium (documentary)
Tayfun Belet, Turkey

The lives of women who marry into the boat life will not be easy. Some haven’t even seen the sea before but they calmly and silently accept their fate. They raise their children on the boats. Some don’t even know how to swim although they seek shelter in the open sea for years. They learn to stay positive in spite of their difficult living conditions and learn to cope with all difficulties in the endless sea. They are the the altruistic brides of mother nature… This documentary deals with the life of women who earn their livelihood fishing with their husbands and children at Datça-Bozburun.

Ario Saffarzadegan Iran
Finding liberty, people try to fall down the dictator statue…

Red (animation)
ario saffarzadegan Iran

A different short story about Little Red Riding Hood.

Crack in the wall. Female Buddhist monastery in Thailand through European eyes (documentary)
Małgorzata Dobrowolska Poland

Women in Thailand can be bhikkhunī (fully ordained Buddhist nuns in Theravada tradition) since 2003.
Film “Crack on the wall” is an evidence of rebirth of the tradition of women ordination.

Once Upon a Time in Cuba (documentary)
Paolo Benetazzo Italy

On December 17, 2014, an agreement between the United States and Cuba, brokered in part by Canada and Pope Francis, began the process of restoring international relations between Cuba and the United States. On April 14, 2015, the White House announced President Obama will remove Cuba from the American government’s list of nations which sponsor terrorism. The Cuban government has reportedly welcomed the decision as “fair”. On June 30, 2015, Cuba and the U.S. reached a deal to reopen embassies in their respective capitals and reestablish diplomatic relations. 
On the cusp of big change, they say Cuba in 10 years likely won’t look or feel anything like the Cuba of today. 
We were there to film the Cuba of today, or we better say yesterday. 

Eye for an Eye (fiction)
Antoneta Kusijanovic Croatia, USA

Four-year-old Marinela is kept away from her friends, held captive at the table by her father until she finishes her soup. But she strikes back at him with an act that will change their relationship forever.

Personal space (fiction)
Andrew Hunt USA

A peaceful night turns into a nightmare upon the arrival of an unexpected guest.

After universe (experimental)
Federico Foria Mita Sichetti Italy

The atmosphere of the music video is between dreams and blues, with colorful and sometimes cryptic animation. It’s just the input to a free interpretation of the audience: an evocation, through the two female figures, representing the “essence” of the earth and moon, tied together by the voice over and humanized only for a projection. 
A presence of a life linked to the matter throughout the pure essence, on the notes of a bit bored version of the universe.

Close Encounters (animation)
Michelle Verhoeks Netherland

A HUNGER ARTIST SOLO (experimental)
Olga tzimou Greece

This video was inspired by Franz Kafka’s “A Hunger Artist”. 
It deals with the agony of existence, the space we live, the dissatisfaction of the individual and the vain search for perfection which leads to the rejection of the self.

My name is not (fiction)

Prodromos Trochidis Greece

Based on a theatrical play,a monologue regarding the suicides committed in Greece during crisis.A girl on an Athens terrace speaks about the friends who left ,died or migrated because of the Greek political situation. A protest and a punch to the current political situation.


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