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Too many great films but not enough time.

The jury and the selection team had a very hard job to make from 800 minutes of film into 360 minutes for three days that the FNW fest has ( the program lasts every day for 2 hours – 120 minutes). Thanks to all the filmmakers and productions that send such a great quality films. we hope that we have made a great program from the films that have come to the call for all the visitors to see.

Those films which are not on the list of the selection are also going to be on the program not for the fest but for our project CINEMA CAFE that is starting in November this year.

Congratulations to all the authors and keep up the wonderful work. Stay with us- the whole program will be out soon. Dance the good dance!

FreeNetWorld SELECTION 2012:

Uh La La – Jyothi Krishna (Tami people, India)
Refugio 115 – Ivan Villamel  (SPAIN)

Away from the Heat – Mina Nabil (EGYPT)
Black socks – Noemie Marsili (SPAIN)
Bremec – Svetlana Dramlic (SLOVENIA)
Captured – Lucas Scheffel (AUSTRALIA)
Une petite histoire des changements climatiques – Virginie Giachino (FRANCE)
CURVAS – Eduardo Moisés Escribano Solera (SPAIN)
Date with Fate – Venetia Taylor (AU)
The Ladybug and the Mouse – Benoit Blanchard (FRANCE)
Delivery – Fabien Mariano Ortiz (SPAIN)
Paper Wings – Vincent Toi (CANADA)
Dying without a sound – Xavier Beauchesne-Rondeau (CANADA)
Sysan in red – Frank Giordanengo (FRANCE)
mirrors of the city – sepideh eidi (IRAN)
9 times – Sandra Dollo & Ulrich Berthold (GERMAN)
Les Dimanches – Jean-Guillaurne Bastien (CANADA)
le droit de suite – Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet (FRANCE)
ECOFAUBOURGS – Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet (FRANCE)
Estatua – Julia Rocha (PORTUGAL)
Fotograma 23 – Victor Santos (PORTUGAL)
Unfarewell – Ainhoa Menendez (SPAIN)
Frame Brain – Vladimir Dimoski (MACEDONIA)
FREUD – Federico Calabuig (SPAIN)
Funny Web Cam Effect – David Pareja & Javier Botet (SPAIN)
HAIR – Joao Seica (UK)
Hard working space – CHIARA FERIANI (ITALIA)
Howl – Natalie Bettelheim & Sharon Michaeli (ISRAEL)
La mer de la tranquilité – Antoon Cox (BELGIA)
Leyenda (Legend) – Pau Teixidor (SPAIN)
Ludzie Normalni – Piotr Zlotorowicz (POLAND)
Michael Pollan’s Food Rules – Marija Jacimovic (SERBIA)
Naufragos – Mario Rico (SPAIN)
O teu sapato Your shoe – Joao Seica (UK)
Ultimo Beso En Roma (Last Kiss in Rome) – Carla Vadell (SPAIN)
Wiosna Lato Jesien – Piotr Zlotorowicz (POLAND)
Samo što nismo – Marko Grba Singh (SERBIA)
Self- Destruction for Eternity by Wei Ming Ho (TAIWAN)
The Art of Crossing a Bridge – Asger Lindgaard (DENMARK)
Inmovil (immobile) – Helio Mira (SPAIN)
NO – Guillermo P. Bosch (SPAIN)
Forever – Jóvenes Realizadores (SPAIN)
The Future – Venetia Taylor (AUSTRALIA)
Welcome back – Jesus Plaza (SPAIN)
Schlager – Julia Rocha (PORTUGAL)
4”13 to KATOWIC – Andrzej Stopa (POLAND)