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As you already know FreeNetWorld International Film Festival 2010 is closed. If interested in knowing more about this year’s winners, synopses, biographies and external links can be found in the following:

FNW-Special jury award
Ahate Pasa (Duck Crossing) 12min.
Director: Koldo Almandoz
Synopsis: An experienced actor talks about his family’s long tradition in cinema, which he continues to follow. He is a duck, and recounts the many flocks of ducks in famous movies that cross in front of the action. This very witty, tongue-in-cheek film assembles dozens of clips from vintage and recent movies. Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Terrence Malick, Emir Kusturica – all have worked with ducks.
Director’s biography: Donostia-San Sebastián, 1973. He was born the same day as Jesus Mari Zamora, the famous football player, but some years later. He has worked as a radio speaker and he has made soap operas. He has worked in press and publicity. Nowadays, he is the editor of the balde magazine. He does not have any project of making a feature film or anything, except for watching the waves and having a walk in the empty streets of his neighbourhood with dog Uxeta every night..

Director’s filmography:
1997    Razielen itzulera (16 mm, 9 min. Fiction)
1997    Mon petit, mon amour (16 mm, 3 min. Fiction)
1998    Habana 3 (Video, 30 min. Documentary)
2000    A dar ba kar (35 mm, 13 min. Fiction)
2002    Belarra (35 mm, 10 min. Fiction)
2004    Amuak (35 mm, 9 min. Fiction)
2006    Desio Ehiztaria (Vídeo, 9 min. Fiction)
2006    Midori (35 mm, 8 min. Fiction)
2007    Columba Palumbus (Uso basatia) (35 mm, 4,30 min. Fiction)
2008    Aurrescue (Video, 1 min. Videocreation)
2008    Karea (Video, 10 min. Documentary)
2008    Larunbata (Video, 8 min. Documentary)
2009    Ahate pasa (35 mm, 12 min. Duckmentary)

1st prize at  XIII Festival de cortometrajes CORTADA 09
2nd prize at  IX International Kansk Video Festival
The European Independent Film Festival 2010 (ECU Film Festival) European Documentary Short Film Category.
Festival de Cine de Madrid
The International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo, Athens
The Wisconsin Film Festival 2010
8th International Short Film Festival Balchik, Bulgaria
London Spanish Film Festival 2010, London
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FNW- best fiction film
Zwischen licht und schatten (Fading Away) 13m 43s  
Director : Fabian Giessler
Synopsis: Fading Away is a short film about Martha und Herbert, an old married couple. The film shows Martha’s gradual retreat into dementia, where reality and imagination seem to overlap and Herbert’s desperation about his wife’s condition and their future together.Is she just forgetful or is it more than that…?
Director’s biography: Fabian Giessler was born in 1980 in Flensburg/Germany. Since the year 2001 he studies at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. During his studies of Media art and Design he directed several short films which were published on German TV and also on numerous national and international short film festivals. In 2005 he received a Scholarship for international studies and went to Finland. At Tampere School of Art and Media he directed “The young girl” for which he won international recognition in the independent short film scene. The film was also awarded the rating: highly recommended by the FBW (Film assessment Germany).  Fading Away (2007) is his final Work at Bauhaus University. In 2008 he was awarded the scholarship of the cultural foundation of Thuringia, Germany.
Director’s filmography:
2008 Fading Away (short)
2006 The Young Girl (short)
2005 Heimat in der Fremde (documentary short)
2004 Santa’s Nightmare (short)
Short Film Festival of Los Angeles 2010
43rd Melbourne International Movie Festival
GOLD CINEMAN Trophy SouthSide Film Festival 2010 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Best Student Entry,  CIAFF
Prize- Best Foreign Film 2009, 15 Minutes of Fame, Festival of Shorts USA
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FNW- best experimental film
Director: Rick Niebe
Synopsis: love, hate, action, violence, death. In one word: emotion. (With ants!). A mash-up realized with free licence material downloaded from Internet Archive (“Goodbye Mrs.ant”; “Horrors of spider Island”).
Award for Best Experimental Film at The Short Film Festival FF600  Ljubljana, Slovenija
10th IMAGES CONTRE NATURE 2010, international festival of experimental video – 10th edition Marseille
International Kansk Video Festival    2010
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FNW- best documentary film
Dirty Martini 24 min.
Director: Iban del Campo
Synopsis: Burlesque is the new punk rock according to Dirty Martini, who reveals some of the secrets of his art in night clubs and cabarets in New York’s Off-Off Broadway, where the revival of burlesque as a form of mass popular entertainment is exported to the rest of the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, burlesque is back!!
Director’s biography: Mondragón, 1971. The first film that Iban saw at a cinema was Dersu Uzala, by Kurosawa. The first film he made was Circo Raluy (Raluy Circus). In 2001 he enrolled on the Artistic Documentary Master’s Course at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, where he directed The gas man. In Barcelona he worked as a producer for Canal Plus, Cuatro… In 2007 he returned to San Sebastián to direct a documentary series for Euskal Telebista. Following his television experience, he directed the short film Lo bakarrik (Only Sleep), and created the production company Limbusfilmak with Harkaitz Cano. He simultaneously teaches documentary at Mondragon Unibertsitatea. In the summer of 2008 he enrolled on a documentary course at New York University. And there he is, between fiction and documentary, in a permanent state of jet lag without even taking a plane.
Director’s filmography:
2001    The gas man (DVCAM, 28 min. Documentary)
2003    Un tal Eusebi (DVCAM. Super 8, 27 min. Documentary)
2004     Laberinto de mentiras (DVCAM, 28 min. Documentary)
2007     El viaje de Elsa (HD, 9 min. Fiction)
2008     Mañana la vida será mejor que hoy (Super 8, 2 min. Experimental)
2008     Lo bakarrik (Digibeta, 14 min. Fiction)
2009    Ice dream (Mini DV, 1 min. Experimental)
2009    Dirty Martini (35 mm, 24 min. Documentary)
8th International Short Film Festival 2010, Balchik, Bulgaria
25th Cinema Jove International Film Festival
58th International Film Festival de SanSebastian, Donostia, Zinemaldia
38th Festival de Cine de Huesca
Shoot Me Film Festival 2010 The Hague/NL
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FNW- best animation film
The  Piece

Director: Goran Radovanovic
Director’s biography: Goran Radovanovic  was born in Brežice (Slovenia) in 1985, two years later moves to Belgrade with family where he finished elementary and secondary school, graduated from University of Arts in Novi Sad , New media department, in 2009.
Took part in several group exhibitions, and workshops concerning video and illustration.
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ONA 10min.
Director: Pau Camarasa
Synopsis: Absolute summary of emotions that spring from the poetic symbiosis between the human body and the landscape.
Director’s biography: Pau Camarasa was born in Barcelona in 1975. He took a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Ramon Llull University, continuing his cinema studies at the centre for cinematographic studies in Catalonia (CECC) and at the International School in  San Antonio de los Baños -CUBA- where he shot his award-winning short “60 seconds”.
Adana Golden Boll Film Festival
FIC Bueu- 3rd Festival Internacional  de Curtametraxes  de Bueu 2010
MIFF Film Festival Awards 2010 Milano
Pentedattilo Film Festival
International Videofestival Bochum
THESS International Short Film Festival
Festival de Curtmetratges de Manlleu
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FNW- the audience award
5 Recuerdos (5 Memories) 12 min.
Directors: Oriana Alcaine, Alejandra Márquez
Synopsis: Irma walks up and down the aisles of a market repeating a list of ingredients to herself. She can remember the first four but keeps forgetting the fifth ingredient. To retrieve the lost memory, Irma embarks on a journey to the deepest part of her consciousness.
Biographies of the directors:
ORIANA ALCAINE – San Sebastián, 1979. After obtaining a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid, Oriana specialised in Film Direction at the Centre d’Estudis Cinematográfics de Catalunya (CECC) in Barcelona. She has been working in film since 2001 and currently lives in Mexico.
ALEJANDRA MÁRQUEZ – San Luis Potosí (Mexico), 1982. Alejandra studied Film at the Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (CECC) in Barcelona, where she lived for five years. In 2006 she returned to Mexico where she works freelance developing, writing and directing audiovisual contents for a variety of formats.
Filmographies of the directors:
2005    Interior con vistas (Super 8, 7 min. Fiction)
2009    5 recuerdos (16 mm, 12 min. Fiction)
2006    Martirio (16 mm, 4 min. Fiction)
2009    Traveling (HD, 50 min. Documentary)
2009    5 recuerdos (16 mm, 12 min. Fiction)
Festival Internazionale Cortometraggi Malescorto italia
18a Mostra Internacional de films de Dones de Barcelona
5th Festival Internacional de Cortos Olavarría
XIII Festival Internacional de Cine Expresión en Corto 2010
IX International Kansk Video Festival
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