FNW festival – second day

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Jury members that arrived as guest on the second day were Janko Medjedovic and Marko Popovic.
The guests of the festival for the second day was also a Illusion creative team production from Novi Pazar, Serbia and their first film Twenty that they made for the competitive program of the FNW festival.
We also had a retrospective of the Serbian Fantastic Film Festival on the second night of the FNW with films:
1. Ubica sa maskom (fiction) Director: Nebojsa Nenadic, Serbia – 5 min.
2. Veš (fiction) Director: Dunja Foljan, Serbia – 6 min.
3. Casovnik (fiction) Director: Igor Stanojevic – 7 min.
4. Zvezda tri (fiction) Director: Nebojsa Nenadic – 14 min
Serbian Fantastic film festival is the best and the most known fantastic horror film festival in Serbia who became this year a guest partner of the FNW film festival.