FNW program – 2nd day

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16. decembar 2016petak

Light Sight (animation)
Seyed M. Tabatabaei Iran

M.E., the character of the story, is born inside a room made of varied sized spheres and brightened by a floating light. While M.E. is greatly astonished by the light, the spheres start glittering with colorful displays and attract him to themselves. M.E. loses himself playing with the spheres, which now respond to the commands of his hands. He Suddenly notices the light. In an effort to bring the light under his command too, he orders it arrogantly. With the disobedience of the light, M.E. pulls out the surrounding spheres selfishly and climbs them to reach the light. Just before he could reach it, he becomes imprisoned amongst the spheres. 
With a merciful touch of the light, M.E. is freed from that misfortune. This leads to the greater fascination of M.E. to the light and his now more modest effort towards seizing it. The disturbance of the spheres in the way of M.E. reaching the light, leads towards a severe battle between them; a battle that ends with the incarceration of him within the spheres. Surrendered and oppressed, a miraculous drop of his tear, changes the nature of spheres and M.E. himself to a peaceful state; a peace that ultimately enables him to attain the light.

Full color (animation)
ario saffarzadegan Iran

Simple story about technology

Memento mori (fiction)
Mihajlo Vitezovic Serbia

In late autumn 1941, a former corespondent of the Politika magazine, Vladimir Gavrilović, finds himself trapped in the basement of a demolished building in Leningrad. His condition seems more hopeless with each passing day, until a wounded raven flies in through his window…

Consume Pedagogic (animation)

Tobias Rothacker Germany
Introduction text (translation): 
presents … presents… presents!!! 
It scratches, 
it smacks, it will delight itself. 
No no! 
There are my gifts and must give me what I want to have in life!

Slow Dance with me (fiction)
Stella Maris USA

On the home front of World War II, a young woman waits in quiet hope for the conflict to end. One day, a life-changing telegram comes her way. But before she can face the news, she insists on one last dance with her husband.

Blue Peter (fiction)
Jure Busic Slovenia

Petar is a young police officer who has just begun his carrer, he lives with his parents in a small maisonette. Officer Goran, who comes to pick up Petar, suddenly arrives at their place. They have to deal with another distraint. Petar doesn’t want to be a part of it. His unemployed father tries to convince him to go since their family is dealing with money problems and soon they’ll have to face an eviction. In the field during the distraint, Petar reacts in a human way, brakes the police powers and tries to protect distrainees who happen to be an older married couple.


Montreal Cache (documentary)

Max Machado, Canada

Montréal Caché is a fake trailer for a fake homonymous TV show. It showcases the stories that will comprise the first season of this long awaited and eye opening program that finally reveals “The secrets of Montreal that they don’t want you to know”. Generally awkward, often quirky and eventually startling.

Danceholl is us (documentary)
Egor Papulov

“Dancehall is us” a short documentary about the culture of dance and musical traditions of Jamaica.

PLEASE LISTEN! (experimental)
Natalia Alfutova Russia

This short film is the audio-visual experiment based on the poem “Please Listen” by the great Russian-Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poem is read by the poet himself (record of 1915) and by the automatic voice of the Google-translator.

Cut Communications (experimental)
Nadia Zygouri Greece

A no budget creation, filmed with many different recording media from an independent group of six people.

Let them eat brains (animation)
adeena grubb

A short stop motion animation. Made with blood, sweat and tears (mainly blood).

Castillo y el Armado (animation)
pedro harres Brazil

Castillo is a young dockworker who lives in the coast between Brazil and Uruguay. On a windy night, he faces his own brutality on the line of the fishhook.

Cabanis Street (fiction)
Dimitri Castiglioni France

When we heard the message of Julia Carmody, it’s already too late. She is dead and in the middle of the room is her breathless body. Eric decides, despite interruptions from the neighbor Mrs Leroy, to put the corpse in a suitcase and bury it in the middle of the woods, outside of the city. 
Anxieties and paranoia seize the young man and are manifested by voices, whispers, telling him what to do and what to see…

Jacob (animation)
Aviel Golan

An old man wanders the desert


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