FNW program – 3rd day

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Cuerdas (animation)
Pedro Solís García Spain

María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

Fire (Animation)
ario saffarzadegan

The story is about a commander. During his speech something weird happens…

Fall of colors (experimental)
Karis Deniz Kara Turkey

Repair his troubled relationship with human nature and this relationship gives an overview of the effort that experimental art movie.

Les Funambules – Au Début (experimental)
Cédric LE MEN France

Music vidéo for “Les Funambules”, an French artist collective that struggles against homophobia.

Come Alive (animation)
Darcy Prendergast, Xin Li

A witch flees from the peril that surrounds her. A tale about a bleak witch hunt, in colonial Tasmania.
passing the fog (documentary)

amirali mirderikvand

This film is a real part from life of MR SAFAR and his paralysis doughter AREZOU

Emmanuel (documentary)
Mahmoud Essa

A day in the life of Nigerian expat Emmanuel, who breaks his isolation through dancing.
Livre (fiction)
Pedro Nogueira
This project is a short film about the despair a mother feels when she loses her only son, and her uncertainties about is she still a mother or not.
Venice (fiction)
Venetia Taylor UK
Josh is in Venice, Mum is in Sydney. Josh doesn’t understand backpacking, Mum doesn’t understand Skype.

Millelire (fiction)
Vito Cea, Angelo Calculli Italy
In Italy, the passage from the Lira to the Euro was very traumatic for everyone. Most especially for Gianni, known as “Millelire”. Gianni spent his life asking people for banknotes of one thousand Lire, in order to buy cigarettes or a sandwich. That is actually a request of love, especially when his family decides to kick him out of the house, an event which starts a life as a homeless. To him, money has always been the only way to relate to the world.

Margie (fiction)
Domenico Modafferi Italy

Enaria (documentary)
irene candelori davide canali Italy

The documentary talks about an italian island, Ischia. 
though it was shot nowdays, it tries to give more space and light to those essential elements of life that today, being no longer in vogue, are put aside and replaced. Those “truths” that are losing importance by becoming part of the culture that goes unnoticed or deliberately ignored by the progress and estranged from modernity.

Lichtspiele (documentary)
Adrián A. González Camargo

A lyrical questioning on what is light and where does it come from. Light becomes a character and a form of poetry.

Dogs Dreamers (fiction)
Albert Kazi Croatia

Three beings, three struggles, one road.
Mummy heist (fiction)
Anna Gutto USA

Three New York single moms rob a jewelry store to save their families from financial ruin. Their super powers: a gun… and a baby!

Baby abd granny (animation)
Zheng Kang USA

A 2D animated action-comedy about a baby and granny who share a common bond (Baby’s Mother is Granny’s Daughter) but who fight like crazy when left alone. The visuals are highly-influenced by the work of 60’s Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein

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