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FNW is very proud to announce that the 4th edition of the festival is getting near. This year FreeNetWorld international film festival will be held in the Gallery of the Fortress of Nis, Serbia from 30th of September till the 2nd of October. Our jury has worked hard and made great decisions selecting the best of the FNW 2011 films. All the visitors and guests will be able to see 30 of the best of FNW 2011 from all over the world. See you there!


  • 30th of september 
    Fauntom/06:00/Miroslav Jovic – animation
    Car/28:00/Sladjan Stojanovic – documentary
    Mind Full of Wasps/10:00/Ignazio Federico Lanzo – experimental
    I could be your grandmother/18:00/ Rézina Productions – fiction
    Icecream/09:00/Sophie Galibert – fiction
    The lucky road/30:00/Vladimir Tsarenko – fiction
    The Screamers/01:00/MAILUKI FILMS – fiction
    Avós/ 11:47/ Michael Wahrmann – fiction
    El premio/16:00/Leon Siminiani – fiction

    1st of october 
    Lunchtime/ 00:30/ Mikhail Torich
    Meanland/04:20/Rosa Lykiardopoulos – music video
    Daisy cutter/06:00/Enrique Garcia – animation
    Passport photos/14:20/Preetam Koilpillai – documentary
    Mina Djina Kristina/22:30/Stevan Aleksic – fiction
    Maslacak/01:00/Zikica Jovanovic – fiction

  • Atroz/10:00/Francisco Alvarez – fiction
    Pura Imagen/ 08:50/ Jonas Weydemann – fiction
    Porque Hay Cosas/13:00/Lucas Figueroa – fiction
    La gran carrera/07:00/Kote Camacho – fiction
    Le hobby/15:00/Nicolas Zappi – fiction
  • Manual Practico/19:00/Ciro Altabas-ficton – fiction
    Po obed/03:30/Toma Waszarow – fiction
  • Soba – The Room/05:09//Ivana Juric-animation

    2nd of october
    Amar/08:00/Isabel Herguera – animation
    Machine man/15:00/Roser Corella – documentary
    Horse Glue/07:00/Stephen Irwin – animation
    Das Heimweh der Feldforscher /15:00/Robert Gwisdek – experimental
    Goliath/06:00/MAILUKI FILMS – experimental
    Dulce/14:00/Ivan Ruiz Flores – fiction
    El cortejo/14:00/Marina Seresesky – fiction
    Vsichko za teb/19:00/Toma Waszarow – fiction
    The Piano/27:00/Levon Minasian – fiction