FreeNetWorld international film festival has become friends with a few new film festivals and is looking for more friends amongst the film festivals.

Short Shorts Film Festival

Short films are the starting point for emerging film makers in the United States, Europe and around the world who are ready to show their talent to global audiences.The short film is a resume for a film maker to show his ability, much like a sketch is proof of an artist’s ability to paint. Through the exhibition of short films at film festivals, directors get the chance to have their films seen by producers and industry representatives, and those screenings could prove to be the launching pad for a career in film, as with now industry powerhouses George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.This genre of film making is a critical stepping stone for future film makers, and has captured a large audience of devoted film fans at festivals around the world.
Short films have also become a sought after form of visual contents as the world slowly converts from analog to digital. The Short Shorts Film Festival strives to create a market for short films across Asia by creating greater awareness of the medium, and promoting the films in the festival for commercial outlets in the region.With increasing awareness and promotion of short films, the market aspect of the festival grows annually with further market opportunities for many of the short films in the festival on emerging and traditional platfoms.

Student Film Makers of India

Student Film Makers of India provides young talented film makers a wide platform to display their works and their potential skills, thus ensuring heavy publicity and visibility to the right targeted audiences.

Simply register on our site for free and upload your videos. Your videos will be showcased to the world, giving the entire credit to your work and get the opportunity to connect to many established film directors in the industry.

It is a website where students can upload their short films, ad films and documentaries and can chat with other film makers. Our site provides information regarding new jobs,events,competitions,workshops and recent news. And you can participate in ALL INDIA ONLINE STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL and STUDENT TECHNICIAN COMPETITION also.

Favourites Film Festival Berlin

The Favourites Film Festival Berlin is an audience Festival on all levels. During the festival many moving, thought-provoking films with a story to tell are screened. These are selected new films, that have previously inspired film festival audiences worldwide. Films awarded by the audience, selected for the audience.

There are no restrictions conc…erning genre or running time: fiction films, documentaries, animated films, shorts or features are all eligible. The Favourites Film Festival Berlin tend to show films from as many countries as possible and especially focus on films from regions rarely to be seen on German screens. In finding these films, FFF Berlin collaborates with film festivals from all around the world.

At the Favourites Film Festival Berlin the audience is given the opportunity to experience exciting cinematic discoveries and get authentic filmic insights in what curently moves different (film-)cultures. Which topics concern filmmakers all over the world? Which films move festival audiences in other countries and on other continents? Which German films were appreciated by audiences at international festivals?

During the four festival days there is more to experience than special films: There are plenty of possibilities to talk to present filmmakers in panel discussions and round table talks. In view of the Berlin TV-tower the audience can enjoy open-air screenings and put its cinematic knowledge to competition in a special edition of the famous Berlin „filmtablequiz“. Children can take part in a film production workshop. And of course there are parties and an award ceremony for favourite film.


The RIFF Cultural Association was created in January of 2001, but has been a project of the association’s founder and president, Fabrizio Ferrari, since early 1999. It was conceived with the intention to promote both Italian and international independent cinema.
RIFF is a seven-day celebration of new European and international independent films. As well as offering the chance for young filmmakers to present their work to the general public at film screenings, RIFF offers a series of special events designed to stimulate enthusiasm and create discussion: retrospectives, seminars and workshops on various aspects of cinema, as well as exhibitions, collaborations with theatre, dance, fashion, and music concerts. In order to encourage and assist filmmakers in their endeavors, the festival concludes with an awards ceremony, The RIFF Awards, which awards prizes of either monetary value or money in-kind. The winning films, in a number of categories, are chosen by an international jury of experts from various fields within the film industry.
RIFF has projects that are working throughout the year:
1) Riff Series – a yearly event; monthly exhibitions of independent national and international films in program for the awards session. The audience is invited to participate with a vote at every screening. We currently introduce 12 monthly screenings which lead up to the RIFF Awards.
2) Riff Expanded Cinema (REC) – this new training school helps young filmmakers in the development of their projects, by providing assistance in the following sectors:
•    Development sector – a workshop during which emerging filmmakers learn screenwriting fundamentals, from pitching and writing to marketing a finished script.
•    Screenplay competition – RIFF will choose a project and aid in its production.
•    Production – REC assists the development of the independent films by providing of technical materials such as television cameras and editing material.
Members of the RIFF Honorary Board of Advisors may subsidize both school and competition through the RIFF Film Grant
3) Riff Awards – annual ceremony in which the best films in the series are awarded the Riff prizes.
4) Rome film market – as part of our charter statement, the ‘Associazione’ protects the copyrights in the field of communications by keeping a catalogue and an archive of the art works submitted. And also, by distributing the art works to cultural institutions, museums, universities, cinema distributors, and agencies, nationwide, and at an international level.
5) Riff TV – the transmission on line of trailers of the films, and the airing of the works chosen for the contest on a satellite digital channel are planned for the wake of the RIFF Awards.
6) RIFF On Tour – RIFF aims to promote Italian art house films of quality and present them worldwide through international festivals. We will be present at the next international appointments such as Syracuse, Temecula, Mar del Plata and Istanbul as well ours festivals partners.
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Anifest, an annual, international competition festival of animated films, which first took place in 2002 in Trebon, came about spontaneously as reEvents in the absence of any kind of platform for animation in the Czech Republic, where animation work, up The anchor of the festival is the international competition, but the festival also includes a broad spectrum of accompanying cinematic (retrospectives, thematic series) and non-cinematic (exhibitions, concerts) programs as well as professional events (workshops, panel discussions). A part of the festival is thematic conferences – this year it is the international meeting of professionals and old timers on the theme: “The personality of Karel Zeman and his innovative contribution to world cinematography”.
AniFest also pays a lot of attention to children – in addition to numerous film screenings, we also organize the now-traditional “Schools of Animation” until recently, was among the “family silver” of the country.
Activities of AniFest are: Echoes of AniFest, School of Animation, Anifest in Schools, New Czech Animation, Czech Institute of Animation.
The 9th annual Anifest, an international festival of animated films, and will take place from May 18 – 23, 2010, is the only specialized competition festival of animated production in the Czech Republic.
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AFF- Amsterdam Film Festival contains a unique mix of art and expression.  Its vision is one that has been realized by filmmakers who live for the art of filmmaking and who recognize the passion that lies within each work.

Honoring films from over 90 countries around the world, the 2010 Amsterdam Film Festival will award and recognize Feature Films, Documentaries, Student Films, Animation, Music Videos and Screenplays. The festival accepts submissions of all types and encourages individuality and experimentation.
Screenplay Competition- Top screenplays in the competition are awarded based on the quality and originality of the work. AFF seeks to discover and revere the finest and most original voices in screenwriting from around the globe.
Van Gogh Awards

Each year, the Amsterdam Film Festival recognizes excellence in filmmaking in several categories with the prestigious Van Gogh Awards.  The AFF Jury en het Beoordelen van Committee will award films in the following categories: screenplay, direction, actor and actress, performances, art, photography, editing, animation, short film, feature narrative, documentary, music video, experimental, first-time director, and student films.  In addition, Special Jury Prizes and cash awards will be awarded to several standout films at the discretion of the Jury en het Beoordelen van Comité.
Awards Announced May 31st, 2010! The Amsterdam Film Festival will announce officially the complete list of 2010 prize winners and award recipients.
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N e w M e d i a F e s t

was initiated in 2002 as a new component and the festival environment of A Virtual Memorial – memorial project against the forgetting and for humanity.

In 2002, Violence Online Festival was launched as the first festival project which was running until 2004, when this project became part of the global networking project [R][R][F]200x—>XP.

In 2003, Version I of the RRF project environment was realized for its participation in Interactiva – Biennale of New Media Art Merida/Mexico, which became in 2004 part of the gloabl networking project [R][R][F]200x—>XP.

In 2004, the global networking project [R][R][F]200x—>XP was launched which was running successfully until the end of 2006 as an active festival environment. [R][R][F]200x—>XP became the basis for new festival initiatives like VideoChannel and SoundLAB , both started in 2005 to act as independent environments.

[R][R][F]200x—>XP was successfully presented in an exchange between virtual and physical space on more than 50 globalwide art events.

During 2005, IMPACT event series project was realised in Israel/Palestine and South America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay).

In 2005, VideoChannel started its screening activities in collaboration with numerous media art festivals around the globe and SoundLAB continued its curated soundart editions, which were installed on divers festivals and media art shows.

In 2006, Cologne Online Film Festival was founded in the framework of VideoChannel, a mobile film and video festival to be organised simultaneously online and offline via cooperations.

In 2007, NewMediaFest launches N e w M e d i a f e s t 2007 incorporating the festival program from the spectrum of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne in one online/offline event.

N e w M e d i a F e s t is developed and directed by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne


VIDEOHOLICA ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization based in Varna, Bulgaria working actively in the organization, realization, support, establishment and development of diverse contemporary art and cultural interventions in Bulgaria and abroad trough the collaboration with local, national and international cultural partners.
The main activity of the VIDEOHOLICA ASSOCIATION covers the organization of the VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival.
VIDEOHOLICA festival is designed as video art forum with international participation to present to the audience of Varna a remarkable and highly valuable programme of video art works.
VIDEOHOLICA festival includes organization and presentation of a series of video art projections and exhibitions as well as discussions and workshops concerning video art topics in traditional gallery spaces in Varna and also in nontraditional outdoor public spaces, virgin for contemporary art environment, or where it is less known.
VIDEOHOLICA festival keeps alive the discourse about the place of contemporary art in the nowadays Bulgarian society and makes popular on the Bulgarian art stage one of the most important and greatest trends in the contemporary art forms in the world.
Videoholica is supported by the August in Art Foundation, Varna Municipality, Stalker Graphic Design Studio, Varna Archeological Museum, City Gallery of Varna, Varna Puppet Theater, Art Gallery “Active Art” and other art institutions in Varna.
The 3rd edition of the VIDEOHOLICA INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ART FESTIVAL 2010 will take place in the period 10 – 17 August 2010 in Varna within the framework of the 7th issue of the International Biennial for Visual Arts AUGUST IN ART.
The 3rd festival edition will pass under the KEEP THE ILLUSION ALIVE motto.
The decisions about the selection of the videos will be made by the 5-member jury.
All the applicants, who observe the rules and the deadline, will have admission to the jury, which will take place in July 2010. The final results will be announced and sent to the applicants by e-mail by the end of July 2010. The jury will make representative selection of 20 movies.
There is no submission fee.
VIDEOHOLICA 2009 open call will run until 30 of June 2010 and all applications are very welcome!

Espressioni Video Festival

Espressioni Video Festival was founded in 2006 by a group of film enthusiasts and professionals with the goal of creating an annual international film festival in Milan. The aim is to establish a major film event to enrich and enliven the local film culture, but moreover, to become an international attraction. We believe that by building up an innovative film festival in Milan, our foreign guests will have a unique opportunity to participate in an exciting cultural event, as well as visiting a city renowned for its dynamic culture.
The festival organized its first event in Milan in April 2006, initiating a discussion of the role and importance of film festivals in a local context. A festival program was organized in relation to the seminar,  led by a film director Lutz Gregor and it was subtitled by Corpi Urbani (Urban Bodies) to stress the work led in wonderful locations that city council allowed to visit. Artists got inspiration by working in these venues and produced great works showed in the festival itself.
The next Espressioni was held April 28th-29th-30th 2009 and was a giant leap forward in size and scale compared to the year before. Milan City Counsil granted us the rebuilt Gnomo Cinema.
Attendance was good – over 800 people came to see the festival’s films.
In 2009, Espressioni’s reputation had spread considerably and the number of international guests multiplied. Representatives from prestigious artists Valeria Magli attended the festival. The program had also grown to incorporate over 40 films by all over Europe.
This Milan-based festival showcases the variety of Italian experimental cinema each year and especially on 2010 edition, it is aimed to highlight the works by East European production in the docu-section.
Festival selections range from documentary on performing arts to experimental films and videos. The Festival calls attention to the importance of preserving Europe’s film heritage, creating a network with other festivals and displaying films designed to stress the lively cultural climate within European audiovisual production.
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