Hercules Film workshop

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Hercules Film workshop within film festival FreeNetWorld was held from the 3rd till the 5th of September 2009 on E-Fortress. The lecturer and moderator on this workshop was Roman Tolic a producer, director and the owner of the film web platform “Helrcules Filmnetwork”, from Vienna, Austria.
There were 15 workshop participants from different parts of Serbia and one participant from Russia that came as a the volunteer the FNW festival – Ksenia Reutova (one of the members of the jury of this years film festival in Saint Petersburg).
Since she was a participant of the workshop working language of the workshop was English but the next day the organizers found he translator for her so it was easier for everybody to understand the whole workshop.
The participants worked in four groups that done different things:
•1st worked on the shooting of the short documentary film
•2nd worked on the quiz about the festival that will be shown on the Hercules film platform and all the people from the world ca try it
•3rd made the video report on the film workshop during the E-Fortress fest
•4th made the internet community made of all the participants in the Hercules film platform- so they could communicate during the workshop on the internet and for the future projects

One of the main themes of this workshop was the possibility of connecting the people working with films through internet platform Herculesfilm. All the participants got to know that platform during the first day of the workshop. This platform made its potential in this few days of the festival, since it was used as the main communication between all the groups of the workshop; they also made the audition for the cast of the short doc film through that internet platform; wrote the script and made all the arrangements about the shooting – all on internet.
This workshop as a product has over 2000 pictures and 20 hours of video material which is still in the editing since there is a lot of work to be done.
The workshop is going to be continued at the end of October 2009 and all its products will be shown on the exhibition of all the E-Fortress works as well as at the retrospective of the FNW international film festival.
Film workshop is promoted on the internet through the FreeNetWorld festival website and FNW Facebook and the workshop group made its own Facebook group during the festival.