Let’s count them…MOVIES!!!

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FNW is very happy to announce that 225 films has arrived this year on the address of the festival.There are more films to come in mail, but this number is the biggest so far. This is the fourth year of the festival and with this number we can see our festival growing even more.

India(24), Spain(23), United Kingdom(21), United states of America(21),France(20), Germany(12), Greece(11), Argentina(8), Serbia(7), Bulgaria(6), Canada(6), Russian Federation(5), Italy(5), Finland(5), Poland(5), Croatia(5), Egypt(5), Israel(4), Ireland(3), Slovenia(3), Macedonia(3), Turkey(2), Belgium(2), Sri Lanka(2), Netherlands(2), Malta(2), Estonia(1), Norway(1), Lebanon(1), Morocco(1), Hungary(1), Brazil(1), Belarus(1), Azerbaijan(1),Austria(1), Australia(1), Albania(1), South Korea(1).

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