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ooh-la-la-la-reviewUh La La – Jyothi Krishna – fiction
Starring: Jyothi Krishna, Preethi Bhandari, Rani, Thalaivasal Vijay
Director: Jyothi Krishna
Production: D Kalaiselvam

Oo La La La, one boy and three girls. Are you expecting a love quadrilateral? Coming with an interesting title, taken from a very popular song, Oo La La La as the director tells is an acronym of Oorvasi, Lalitha, Latha and Lavanya that takes us through the life of a person, right from the day he is born.

refugio 115Refugio 115 – Ivan Villamel – fiction
Director:  Ivan Villamel
Writer: Ivan Villamel
Starring: Alba Arenals, Arnau Creus and Alba Ferrara

In the Spanish Civil War, a group of survivors escape from strange shadows at Refuge 115.

Director: Ruben Amar
Writers: Ruben Amar, Joan Chemla
Starring:James Rana, Allison Carter Thomas and Frank X

Today and more than ever, Bhadraksh is determined to end a long period of doubt. In a few moments, he will announce to the one he has always loved that he wants to end the relationship.

away from the heatAway from the Heat – Mina Nabil (EGYPT) – fiction
Director: Mina Nabil
Writer: Mina Nabil
Starring:Remon Ezzat and Saeed Kabeel

Short feature film intersects corners of the film through time and place in Alexandria City at Night. the characters are interconnected is made through Egyptian society and the current through been dramatic figures of the conflict Pharmacy and pharmacist and demanded drugs in half of the night this is the film and the hero is a mutual tension through the characters through the events.

Black socks – Noemie Marsili (SPAIN) – music video
A pair of black socks flying in a landscape crossed by a ghostly steam train …

Nastia & Michal – Svetlana Dramlic (SLOVENIA) – documentary
You’re mine, because You hate tears as much as You hate the missionary Position. You’re mine when you smile at The naive fantast who points His finger at me Only when I turn my Back at him and does not know that Behind his back You’ll always stand.

capturedCaptured – Lucas Scheffel (AUSTRALIA) – fiction
Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by Lucas Scheffel
Starring Julie DIckson and Christine Milo
Produced by Lucas Scheffel and Julie Dickson

CAPTURED is a short film following a young war photographer who finds herself separated from her platoon in the jungle during the Vietnam War. With only her camera in tow and instincts to survive she must make her way to safety with whatever means possible.

klima posterUne petite histoire des changements climatiques – Virginie Giachino (FRANCE) – animation

Director: Joris Clerté
Screenplay: Anne Jaffrennou

An episode in the Brief Histories of… series

CurvasPoster2-ALTACurvas – Eduardo Moisés Escribano Solera (SPAIN)
Director: David Galan Galindo
Writers: Manuel Martínez March, José Lozano
Starring:Mario Diaz, Mariam Hernández and José Lozano

A man drives a car at midnight while a woman stops him.

Date-With-Fate-Still-1Date with Fate – Venetia Taylor (AU)

Written and directed by Venetia Taylor
Produced by Daniel Prypchan
Cast:Helen Tonkin, Peter McAllum, Belinda Krause, Samantha Roylance

Some things are meant to be – whether you like it or not…A comedy about the dangers of blind dating.

the-ladybug-and-the-mouseThe Ladybug and the Mouse – Benoit Blanchard (FRANCE)

Lou, age five, suffersfrom the repeated absents of her mother, often at the bedside of the dying grandfather. To fill the boredom and the space, the child creates a particular link with a domestic mouse.

deliveryDelivery – Fabien Mariano Ortiz (SPAIN / USA)

Director: Fabien-Mariano Ortiz
Writer: Fabien-Mariano Ortiz
Producer: Bouzid Yosri
Starring: Jedi Sanchez , Said Yosri, Ironsheikh Williams & Louis So

Franck is a hustler from the Bronx, New York. He has a partner, Andre. One of Franck’s jobs is to smuggle clandestin people to New York. Franck is going through midlife crises of a crime officer, he wants to change his lifestyle. His next job will get him into a complicated situation where he will have to smuggle a person from the border and take him to New York. The problem is that he is not given the address where he has to take this stranger. Franck is stuck with this “package” until his partner Andre calls him to tell him where he has to go.

Paper Wings – Vincent Toi (CANADA)
Shigeru, a 75 years old Japanese man, finds difficulties connecting with Montreal city life. He tries to share his traditions with his 5 years old grandson but the generational gap between them grows bigger.

daying with  a soundDying without a sound – Xavier Beauchesne-Rondeau (CANADA)
Trough the experience of the death of three acquaintances, a young woman makes connections with her own life and expresses her views on death.

susan-in-redSysan in red – Frank Giordanengo (FRANCE)

Director : Franck Giordanengo
Starring : Olivia Dessolin, Alexandre Berda, Mike Gondouin, Matthieu Boujenah
In a city in the south of France, two tramps decide to break in a rich villa, the property of a young couple.

mirrors of the city – sepideh eidi (IRAN)

9 times – Sandra Dollo & Ulrich Berthold (GERMAN) – music video
cut up collage

Les DimanchesLes Dimanches – Jean-Guillaurne Bastien (CANADA)

Writer: Jean-Guillaume Bastien
With: Alexandra Caron, Alexia Lessard, Anna-Belle Didier, Béatrice Sirois, Gabriel Bujold, Gabriel Fournier, ….
Producer: Carolyne Goyette
Production: 4C Productions

What can you do on the only day of the week when nothing happens? Sundays are traps where the imagination is the only way out. Listening to opera in a dishwasher or recreate a mess in a transformed space are valid choices when you are alone and bored. (Possidónio Cachapa)

droit de suite vfle droit de suite – Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet (FRANCE) – animation
Directed by: Pierre-Emmanuel LYET

ECOFAUBOURGS – Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet (FRANCE) – animation

Tom decided to move to an “Ecofaubourg”. He introduces us to a neighbourhood that offers a completely new kind of lifestyle! Comfortable and environmentally friendly… and right in the centre of town.

Estatua002Estatua – Julia Rocha (PORTUGAL)

Director: Antonio VALENTE, Carlos SILVA
Distributor: Antonio Valente
Producer: Antonio Valente

Wood, landscape, art, the sculpture is back to its natural environment.

fotograma23 webflyerFotograma 23 – Victor Santos (PORTUGAL)

written and directed by Victor Santos
Starring: Janela Magalhães, Sara Costa, Alexandre Sá, Filipe Leite e Eva Rothes.

A photographer observes a set of finished film negatives. Looking closely at thephotographs he also looks at an instant of someone’s life, a still that tells a story.

unfarewellUnfarewell – Ainhoa Menendez (SPAIN)

Director: Ainhoa Menéndez
starring: Jim Trainor, Eliott Gabbitas, William Miller, Emilia Uutinen y JImmy Shaw.

In an idylic village, the inhabitants raise hens, knead bread, tend crops… And guard a dark secret.

Frame Brain – Vladimir Dimoski (MACEDONIA) – experimental

freudFreud – Federico Calabuig (SPAIN)

director Federico Calabuig
starring María Blesa Guigó

She and Lucas. She and Sparkling. She… and her traumas.

funny-webcam-effectsFunny Web Cam Effect – David Pareja & Javier Botet (SPAIN)

Director: Néstor Fernández
Writer: Néstor Fernández
Starring:Javier Botet and David Pareja

Funny web cam effects.

hairHair – Joao Seica (UK)

Director,João Seiça Concept,  
Starring: Hannah Leverett + Tayler Lee Larkin

A woman shaves her legs until she draws blood while another sticks strands of hair onto her naked body.

hard working spaceHard working space – Chiara Feriani (ITALIA) – music video

Director: Chiara Feriani – Roberto D’Ippolito
Script: Chiara Feriani – Kole Laca
Production: Blacklimbo

Howl – Natalie Bettelheim & Sharon Michaeli (ISRAEL) – animation

Director/designer: Natalie Bettelheim
Co-Director/Animator: Sharon Michaeli

An intriguing hand-drawn animated short featuring a “wild child” wolf girl and her loving mother.

La mer de la tranquilite met autoLa mer de la tranquilité – Antoon Cox (BELGIA) – documentary

Director: Antoon Cox
Producer: Nohora Florian
Screenplay: Antoon Cox

In the first half of the 20th century, La Louvière was a prosperous mining town in Belgium. Today, more than three decades after the closing of the last mine, this same place is generally known as a grim town famous for its high unemployment rates. Still, to those who are willing to look beyond the statistics, this town reveals its beauty. In particular, this documentary shows a multicultural and convivial dream come true.

LeyendaLeyenda (Legend) – Pau Teixidor (SPAIN)

Directed by: Pau Teixidor
Produced by: Bernat Manzano
Cast: Sílvia Sabaté, Montse Germán, Armand Villén, Zoe Stein

During a family car trip, 10-year-old Claudia will meet a strange woman, who will change Claudia”s life forever.

tsff-ludzieLudzie Normalni – Piotr Zlotorowicz (POLAND)

Director Piotr Zlotorowicz
screenplay Piotr Zlotorowicz
Starring: Piotr Głowacki, Maria Gładkowska, Ewa Szykulska, Mariusz Jakus, Bartłomiej Nowosielski, Piotr Bułka…

George Orwell’s words “sanity is not statistical” fully reflect the idea of the film. Daniel, who has just been released from prison, is trying to make a new life for himself. It is not easy, he must take care of his alcoholic mother and find a job. Maybe he can find some happiness in a new relationship with a medical rescuer he has just met? Normal People are people with their secrets and weaknesses but also with dreams about a better “normality.” Will they manage to realize their dreams?

foodrules-3Michael Pollan’s Food Rules – Marija Jacimovic (SERBIA) – animation

Based on Michael Pollan’s talk “Food Rules” given at the RSA, this animation was created in the context of the RSA/Nominet Trust film competition. Using a mixture of stop-motion and compositing, our aim and challenge was to convey the topic in a visually interesting way using a variety of different food products. We made a little table top set up at home and worked on this a little over three weeks.

naufragosNaufragos – Mario Rico (SPAIN)

Director: Mario Rico
Writer: Mario Rico
Animation: Javier Lavilla

Two castaways separated by distance. All their hopes are pinned in the bottles that they just launch to the sea. A travel across the ocean looking for a hand to pick them up. Will they get someone to listen?

O-Teu-SapatoYour shoe – Joao Seica (UK)

Director & Writer: João Seiça

Starring: Miguel Borges, Margarida Moreira, Alexandra Viveiros, José Wallenstein, Rúben Gomes, Paulo Pinto, Cleia Almeida, Rita Bonifácio
A man tries to wake a dead women up in order to replace his wife, but not all goes as expected…A film on the perceptions of reality and jealousy.

last kis in romeUltimo Beso En Roma (Last Kiss in Rome) – Carla Vadell (SPAIN)


Anna and Enrico are two young lovers that want to escape together but need to solve their economic problems first. Enrico receives a wealthy offer from a mysterious but he refuses this offer thinking his friend Paolo will lend him some money. Tragedy appears in a dark roman night to discover the true meaning of love, friendship and revenge.

Piotr Zlotorowicz.SpringStill02Wiosna Lato Jesien – Piotr Zlotorowicz (POLAND) – documentary

Director: Piotr Zlotorowicz

A story about Amish family who years before had settled in a foreign land. Guided by the singular and attentive regard of the director, we share a brief moment of their life. The delicate photography shows us characters in an authentic relationship with nature and god.

Samo što nismo – Marko Grba Singh (SERBIA) – fiction

Director: Marko Grba Singh
Script: Marko Grba Singh, Luka Kurjački
Starring:Ivana Vuković, Jovan Belobrković

Danica’s return brings a lot of problems with which she refuses to deal.

Self- Destruction for Eternity by Wei Ming Ho (TAIWAN) – experimental

Director Wei-Ming Ho

Who decides who’s good or bad? Who decides who could stay alive or die? Who is the next victim? The calm before the storm…are they all illusions? Or there are realities of dark side and tragic flaws hidden behind the scenes?

art of crosing bridgeThe Art of Crossing a Bridge – Asger Lindgaard (DENMARK)

Director: Asger Lindgaard
Writers: Asger Lindgaard, Jesper Fink
Starring:Christine Albrechtslund, Ricardo axel Castillo and Marlon Sebastian Nielsen

This is the story of a creative Cuban stuck in a Kafkaesque Swedish system. He loves his Danish wife but because of strange laws, bad luck and his own omissions they’re not allowed to live in Denmark.

imovil posterInmovil (immobile) – Helio Mira (SPAIN)

Director: HELIO MIRA.
Screenplay: HELIO MIRA.

When an entire generation of young people decides to stand still, a family looks anxious at his immobile son. It may be for vital apathy or for social indignation but the lad reaction does not seem to come ever…

noNO – Guillermo P. Bosch (SPAIN)

Director: Guillermo P. Bosch
Producer: Juan Nemesio Martín & Guillermo P. Bosch.
Script : Kiki Rodríguez
Starring Pablo Sansó Gilcast: Tato Sansó Carolina Estupiñán José Joaquín Mazorra.

An emerging model for advertisements suffers, all of a sudden, a physical defect that drives him into a process of self destruction. A descent into hell around the obsession with looks.

Forever – Jóvenes Realizadores (SPAIN) – music video

Director: Rakesh B. Narwani

The-FutureThe Future – Venetia Taylor (AUSTRALIA) – fiction

Written & Directed by Venetia Taylor
Produced by Daniel Prypchan
Starring: Brooke Ellen Louttit, Alex Bryant-Smith, Helen Tonkin, Peter McAllum, Ben Brave, Stephanie Wood

When you’re young and in love, the future seems bright… but then what?

welcome backWelcome back – Jesus Plaza (SPAIN) – fiction

Director Jesús Plaza
Producer Jesús Plaza
Starring: Cecilia Gessa, Jonathan D. Mellor and Aitor Merino

A man receives a call from his wife while she is being kidnapped by a person they used to know. The mysterious man will make him come if he wants to get her back.

Schlager – Julia Rocha (PORTUGAL) – animation

4134”13 to KATOWIC – Andrzej Stopa (POLAND)

Artur has to deal with a tragedy that afflicted his daughter. He chooses vengeance. His seems to have a meticulous plan. At 4:13 he gets on a train from Wrocław to Katowice. He will reach the last station at 6:51. Two hours and thirty eight minutes must suffice to commit a perfect crime. Will things go according to plan? Will the protagonist manage to keep the emotions that tear him under control?