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This monday we present our festival partner RIFF-a (Roma Independent Film Festival- http://www.riff.it/)

RIFF is a seven-day celebration of new European and international independent films. As well as offering the chance for young filmmakers to present their work to the general public at film screenings, RIFF offers a series of special events designed to stimulate enthusiasm and create discussion: retrospectives, seminars and workshops on various aspects of cinema, as well as exhibitions, collaborations with theatre, dance, fashion, and music concerts. In order to encourage and assist filmmakers in their endeavours, the festival concludes with an awards ceremony, The RIFF Awards, which awards prizes of either monetary value or money in-kind. The winning films, in a number of categories, are chosen by an international jury of experts from various fields within the film industry.


1. Con sangue agli occhi- 25’ (dir Lorenzo Sportiello)(Best Students Short)

Three friends that are a little over eighteen years old share an exclusive and pathological friendship. They love music and their desire to leave the “motionless city” in which they live, Rome. By accident they find a gun and decide to do a few small robberies just to make some money in order to go away towards London, the toyland. First robberies go well and the three get the hang of it, fascinated above all by the outpour of adrenalin, but everything doesn’t always go well. But their friendship will end in blood, and their dreams will be shattered on the wall of reality that surrounds them.
2. Io parlo!- 20’ (dir Marco Gianfreda)(Special Mention Italian Shorts)

Bruno is 12 years old and desires to befriend of Luca (25), the boyfriend of his sister Claudia. Unfortunately, Bruno is invisible in the eyes of Luca. After Bruno catches Luca flirting with another girl, he sees the opportunity to obtain his goal.
3. L’amore e un giogo- 8’ (dir Andrea Rovetta)

During a poker game, a man bets and loses everything he owns. Maybe he’s not a good player, or maybe he doesn’t care about losing since he no longer has the only thing that truly matters to him: love. Maybe.
4. L’ultima volta- 9’ (dir Andrea Costantini)(Special Mention Italian Shorts)

Armando has kept his identity secret from his fiancé. Armando is the number one champion clandestine street fighter, and he desperately wants to change his life for her, but he has one last fight to honor…
5. Alba- 8’ (dir Giorgia Farina)

Alba is a beautiful fairytale set in the real world. Even in the darkest corners there can be a better future if only we believe and are willing to fight for it. This short cleverly combines film and animation to portray the life and dreams of a boy stricken with illness. Following his experiences we see how the sterile and sombre life in the world of a hospital explodes in to the bright colours of a brilliant world of adventure. Lost in this fantastical universe the boy confronts his fear whilst fighting for his survival and a way home.
6. Bab Al Samah- 15’ (dir Francesco Sperandeo)

Mehdi’s desire for redemption from a humiliating past is symbolized by a heavy and old door which leads him on a cathartic journey resulting in the destruction of the door by a purifying fire
7. François- 12’44 (dir Dario Gorini, Iacopo Zanon)

In an intimate and fine bar, three women and three men always choose the same table to look for their soul mate. The play goes on until the arrival of a mysterious entity who speaks French inexplicably.
8. La preda 18′ (dir Francesco Apice) (10th PESCARACORTOSCRIPT-Best Script)

As Giulio and Lorenzo, 11 and 9 years old, leave school for the day, their father decides to pick them up. Unknown to the mother, the father arrives in his new flaming sports car and drives the children to their old house in the mountain for the weekend. It’s Giulio’s birthday and the father gives him a shotgun as a present. The next day, together with the little brother, Lorenzo, they all make their way into the woods to go hunting…