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SPACE VJ MEETING av series by VJ Diablos organized by Jaroslaw Balabanski (VJ Diablos) and Bjorn Samson (Samson VIsuals).

A few-day expo with workshops and performances to promote new media art and artists.
Event created by VJs for VJs in order to shape the future for our most beloved artform.
Space VJ Meeting is a place where VJs from all over the world can gather and connect to eachother.
The aim is to create a community where people can share there ideas and concepts with likeminded souls. By bundling this creative collaboration we can achieve an extraordinary experience to bring our artform to a higher level.
VJ Diablos and Bjorn Samson are organizing a four-day expo with workshops and performances  as part of the „Space VJ Meeting” series by VJ Diablos.
VJ DIABLOS‘ idea was to prepare a small 🙂  party@small club with one VJ and one DJ, but Bjorn Samson (VJ Forum International, Dizzy&Woozy) offered help so this event is international, lets get started again!
This first event took place in Olsztyn Planetarium in Poland and was a one of a kind event. The Planetarium was filled up with projectors and soundsystems and VJs started to show up from all over the world and the party had started for a four day long experience with impressive artistic visuals and sound. Installations where quickly build and the local people appreciated the efforts made by the enthousiastic artists. Shortly after, this gathered the interest of the media and television and radio stations showed up and reported live about this unique and spontanious artistic action. As this proved to be a succes for the artists involved we proudly announce that the second event will be organised from 6 to 9 september 2012.
It was a huge succes for a first edition, but this was only possible by the input of all the participating artist at Space VJ Meeting. It proved once again how inventive VJs are. Giving us only a few hours in the fulldome planetarium and no time for preparation at all, we succeeded to achieve a fully projected fulldome and quite some spectators. As obvious the second edition will need some improvements but afterall, we had some huge fun.

For the second time this year of changes, VJ Diablos (Jaroslaw Balabanski) and Bjorn Samson are organizing an Expo lasting a few days with workshops and performances, as part of the „SPACE VJ MEETING” audio-visual series by VJ Diablos.
Are you ready to show your Skills in an amazing Location? Announce your project.
We are waiting for your project, instalation, vjing, workshop, presentation, av performance etc. 1 project = 30 minutes, workshop=60.For the second time, VJ Diablos invites us to Planetarium in Warmia, Olsztyn, Poland from 6-9 September 2012 (4day event). Second edition with  Co-Organizers: The Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship, Planetarium and Astronomic Observatory in Olsztyn and City of Olsztyn.

Confirmed Locations:

  1. Planetarium Dome (Fulldome -put your fulldome video! send us via dropbox or bring (more info soon -video 4k=4096×4096 mpeg-4), AV Performances, All VJs in the same time on 1 screen (360degrees), DJs-put your project! 1 project AV 15 minutes, fulldome projects: vargasz, vj chaotic and we want more fulldome videos. Contact us. Put your project to participation list as fulldome via dropbox, server or bring with you.
  2. Planetarium Ground Floor Conference Room, free Wi-Fi- Press conference, workshops, presentations, skype conferences, talking, sharing (15 minutes for 1 presentation—put you project!—workshops:mm, m8, resolume, CoGe
  3. Planetarium Ground Floor Hall- Instalations, free wi-fi- put your project-1 instalation=30minutes or 60, only video. build your structure @Planeta11
  4. Astronomy Observatory Tower- they have 3 projectors projecting on tower, we will use this projectors and maybe we will use more–more info soon—put your project! 1 project 30 min.
  5. Planeta 11 Multimedia Library, free Wi-Fi, big room office for artists from 10am to 14, (th/fr from 10-20), building, preparing, talking, sharing
  6. Grawitacja Club, free Wi-Fi, AV Performances, All VJs map club, DJs—put your project, 1 project=30minutes, talking, sharing, party