The Final day

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<p>The final day of the festival opened the film, of the well known biology researcher of Stara Mountain in Serbia and known filmmaker, “Jos samo tren” (documentary) by Vladimir Manic. Vladimir is a successful photographer and a filmmaker and a director of few documentary films with ethno and ecology subjects. He completely devoted himself to researching and recording the Stara Mountain. His films that are most famous are “Visok”, “Kad zvona utihnu” and “Jos samo jedan tren”.<br />Because of the bad weather conditions final day was held in NKC (Nis cultural centre) with 300 visitors, representatives of the cultural and public life, and that final night of the festival was recorded all the significant representatives of the media. The guest of the festival for the final night was the director of the documentary film Trifun Bombas Sladjan Stojanovic which was in the selection of the FNW 09.<br />Members of the jury Barbara Tolevska and Janko Medjedovic announced the winners and closed this years FreeNetWorld festival.<br />FNW international film festival this year had additional program: workshops during the day and music program at night.<br />There were two workshops planed for this year: Hercules short film workshop and Celtx pre-production workshop.</p>

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